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Sell Your Product at Our Store 

We offer an opportunity to sell your unique products at our on-farm store and on our soon to come e-commerce site.   We sell only on consignment with negotiable consignment percentages.   We operate our consignment similar to a co-op for fresh products and baked goods and similar to an art gallery for candles, fine arts and similar products.  

You gain the advantage of a store front without the additional cost rent, labor, utilities, and many of the other hidden costs in operating a store front.  We also provide the cooler or freezer space your product will need.   

All food products must be produced in a licensed USDA inspected and approved facility and any fresh produce or fruit producers must follow all of the current FSMA regulations or be GAP certified. 

All request must be submitted to us by email below.  Please include pictures of your product and a brief description of the product.  Also include the desired MSRP of your product and your desired percentage you would like to receive upon the sale. 

What we primarily select for our store. 

  • Baked Goods

  • Organic or Naturally Grown Fresh Produce and Fruits (expect a farm visit prior to approval)

  • Dairy

  • Honey

  • Eggs (must be prepared in a USDA Licensed and Inspected Facility) 

  • Meat Products (must be packaged for retail sales and processed in a USDA licensed and inspected facility)

  • Ferments 

  • Grains

  • Spices

  • Cut Flowers

  • High Quality Candles

  • Fine Art 

  • Cutting Board and Kitchen type High Quality Wood Art

What Generally is not Selected

  • Crafts 

  • Stenciled Mugs, Cups, Etc.. 

  • Anything that can be bought on Amazon, Walmart or Any Other Large Retailer

  • Country Type Seasonal Decorations 

All submissions are thoroughly reviewed by our management team and a decision will be made with a 14 day period from submission.  Upon Approval, You will be responsible for packaging, Labeling required by any food codes, scannable bar code, best by dates, and delivery of the product. 

Consignments Submission 

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Thanks for submitting!

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